Residential Electrical Contractor

If you are in need of a residential electrical contractor in Denver, CO, then Discount Electric Service is what you are looking for.

Being in the business since 1989 we have left countless satisfied customers. Making our clients happy with our professional service is what makes us happy.As a skilled electrical contractor we offer our services to homeowners experiencing the need for any type of help with electricity. Anything from installation and service to simple residential electrical repair is within the capabilities of our highly qualified, trained and professional electricians. Having experience in the field of electrical services and our reputation for reliable service is what makes us the preferable choice.

Need an residential electrical contractor who specialize in installing all of the electrical systems in single-family and multi-family houses? You can fully count on us: (303) 306-4681

A man Assembles Fan MotorIt is always a bad idea to try and fix or install electrical circuits by yourself. We all know how electricity can be dangerous and how incidents around it have always had terrible consequences, if not fatal ones. So if something at home is not working, contacting a residential electrical contractor is always the right course of action. Regardless of how small a problem it may seem, it is always possible that you are not seeing the full picture and the need for an electrician’s opinion. In such cases, contacting us will put you on the safe side.

Our experienced employees will find your problem in no time and before you know it, everything will be back on track with your electrical system. Working with the best tools and materials, our professionals will provide you with a quick service, fitting comfortably into your time schedule.

We, at Discount Electric Service, also work as a full service commercial electrician in the area of Denver, CO and we are glad to offer you the same professional service that we provide for every aspect of our job. So whenever you need something from electricity, contact us on (303) 306-4681 and we will see to it that your problems are solved.