How to lower your energy bills

Electrician tips to saving money

Save money from energy bills? Is it possible? Of course it is! There are two ways of doing it. Both require you to make an investment and put some effort into it. We begin with the easier, but more expensive option – call a licensed electrician. He can evaluate your energy consumption and advise you on what to do next.

The second option we have for you, is to check out our tips for saving energy. They are quick and cost effective, but may require a small investment before they start paying for themselves.

energy efficiency house iconTurn off the lights when leaving the room.
Unplug devices and appliances that are a constant consumer of energy.
Program your air conditioning system to work only when you are around. You can also turn it off, or tune it down while sleeping at night.
Avoid using space heaters, as they are very powerful and power-consuming.
If you have a heated water bed, you might want to consider selling it, or using it less frequently. The same goes for other luxury appliances such as hot tubs.
You may want to consider installing an automation system. It allows you to control your lighting system through a phone, ipad or a computer. You can also control the thermostat and even the window blinds. It costs a bit to install it but, any electrician can do it and it saves a lot of money and effort. You no longer have to leave the AC running, in order to have a cool home to come back to after work.
Call the local power provider, or electrician and have him install an energy efficient control box. It controls the energy consumption levels of your AC unit.

We guarantee, that if you follow our advice, your energy bill will soon drop dramatically. Give Discount Electric Service a call and arrange an appointment with the electrician, who can help make your home more energy-efficient. We are located in Denver, CO. Call now – (303) 306-4681!