Electrical Problems That Require Immediate Assistance

Determine When to Call a Professional Electrician

The electrical system is one of the few things in your home that you should not tamper with. If there is a problem, call an electrician. However, electrical problems are divided in two categories: the ones that have to be addressed immediately and the ones that can wait until next morning. We’re not saying that some electrical problems are more dangerous than others. When it comes to electricity, all problems are dangerous. However, some of them can be contained and kept under control until a specialist will take care of them, while others need to be addressed immediately. We’ll focus on the latter category.

Electrical Overload. Sparkling Circuit BreakersProblems in the Breaker Box
Every home has a breaker box. This box contains the ends of the main electrical lines (the ones that bring electricity into your home), a set of breakers, and terminals for the rest of your home’s wiring network. In this box, electricity is distributed to each and every device, outlet, and electrical component in your home. The wiring network is usually separated in sections, each section with its own breaker. When a breaker trips, the electricity in the respective section of the house is cut off. However, the mains are still energized. In other words, your breaker box will always have electricity weather the breakers are on or off.

The moment you see a problem with your breaker box, call an electrician immediately. Except resetting breakers, there is nothing you can do to fix your breaker box problem on your own. The risks of getting electrocuted are simply too high.

Sparks Coming from Your Electrical System
The smell of burned rubber or the sight of electrical sparks are clear signs of highly-dangerous problems. The first thing you should do in these situations is to cut the electricity down on the entire house, and then call an electrician.

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