Electrical Problems That Can Set Your House on Fire

Determine If You Need an Electrician to Ensure the Safety of Your Home’s Electrical System

We all know how dangerous electricity can be, but even so, we rarely do our best to ensure that we’re out of the reach of danger. Each year, more than 135, 000 homes burn to the ground due to electrical problems. Obviously, this should be a major concern for anyone who cares about his property. Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous electrical problems that can lead to fire. If you find any in your home, call an electrician immediately.

Burnt Wires
Many homeowners use extension cords for all sort of appliances inside their homes. What they probably don’t know is that extension cords are highly dangerous. Most of them are built with low quality materials that can’t hold high loads of electricity. Plugging a TV, a radio, and a desktop PC into one extension cord outlet will definitely make the cord overheat. From here, it’s just a matter of time until the cord melts and becomes a source of fire.

There is a very good reason why all electrical problems must be fixed by a licensed electrician. Poor repairs are a clear recipe for disaster. Fixing electrical problems should not be part of the household common tasks of any homeowner. The first moment you notice a problem with your electrical system, pick up the phone and contact an electrical service provider.

Overloaded Electrical Systems
Many homes that have been built before the ’70s are still equipped with aluminum wiring networks. Although aluminum satisfied the electrical needs back in 1970, it can’t hold the electrical load of today’s homes. A home that is equipped with an outdated wiring network is prone to electrical fire.

If you are not sure what type of wiring network your home has, then contact an electrician to check it for you. Discount Electric Service offers reliable electrical services at reasonable rates. If you reside in Denver, CO, then you can call us at (303) 306-4681.