Electrical Contractor vs Electronic Technician – Which is which?

Do I Need an Electrical Contractor, or an Electronic Technician? What Is the Difference?

These two professions are very similar, and people often confuse them. They have a very different field of expertise, however.

An electrician wires a switch boardElectrical contractor.
An electrical contractor, or electrician, deals with wiring, designing electrical systems and repairing various problems. This type of contractor can provide you with a wide variety of services, from electrical system installation, to maintenance and repairs. The electrical contractor is the man to call for any electrical problems at home, or at work.

Electronic technician.
Unlike the electrical contractor, the electronic technician handles finer electronic equipment. They specialize in high tech repairs and bench testing equipment. These are the people to visit when your electronics start to malfunction. They can fix computers, laptops, televisions, and all sorts of sound and visual systems. Different technicians specialize in different fields of expertise.

Both kinds of professionals are specially trained for their jobs, so you can’t hire an electrical contractor to do the work of an electronic technician. One of the few similarities between the two is the science behind both professions. They rely on the same laws of physics and electronics.

One of the differences between the two, is that an electrical contractor has to learn all about residential and commercial wiring standards and regulations, whereas an electronic technician has to learn more about circuits, fundamentals of AC and DC, as well as many other electronic parts and components. Most technicians work with commercial and industrial customers. Most electricians, on the other hand, work with residential clients.

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